Drinking juices is NOT good for your health

When the "healthy" diet is not only healthy!

Okay, I confess. The title is written to be somewhat catchy. Apparently rather than not taking any vitamins during the day, it's better to drink a juice.

But since we live in a western country in the 21st century, it is probably easy to avoid scurvy.

Most juices contain additional sugar, spiking the calories we take into the air.

And natural juices are not only innocent, although they have far fewer calories than fruit drinks.

In fact, the lack of fibre combined with the fact that fructose does not directly stimulate insulin or leptin will probably make you hungry relatively soon after consuming it.

And don't forget that a large percentage of vitamins are lost in the whole process from the moment the fruit is juiced until the moment it is consumed.

Example of natural juice. Why are you doing this to yourself? I beg you, eat fruit.

Best of all is to show that you can take care of yourself and instead of drinking something snacky take half a minute to peel an orange or rinse an apple and eat it. Cheaper and healthier solution all round.

And time for yet another controversial tip: if MUST to drink something and you don't want to drink water, drink a stevia soft drink. There is only one scientific study that implicates stevia with negative effects, and that is in mice that consumed a daily amount equivalent to half a kilogram of pure stevia in an average human (and in fact, when they stopped drinking, the negative effects also stopped).

Always remember: get your carbohydrates from solid foods, not from juices and soft drinks.  

Until next time!

-Suprastratum: The authority on health, fitness and nutrition

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Author: Nick Krontiris

Founder, Suprastratum

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