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One of the advantages of the ketogenic diet or keto is considered to be the ease of weight loss. But is it?

Ease of adherence to a particular diet and whether it helps with feelings of satiety after eating and hunger in general are extremely important factors in how successful a diet will be in the end. Something that many books even claim that the keto, ketogenic, ketogenic or otherwise keto diet does better than any other.

A recent Research refutes this claim as well.


A total of 20 people were divided into 2 groups:

  • The one who followed a ketogenic, low-carbohydrate diet based on animal sources for 2 weeks
  • The one who followed a low-fat, plant-based diet for 2 weeks

Participants were provided with prepared meals and snacks that met the macronutrient requirements of the study and could eat as much as they wanted in a one-hour period per meal or snack.


First of all. As you would expect, the lack of carbohydrates led to more weight loss, but mostly of water and muscle. The low-fat diet was clearly the winner in body fat loss.

Participants who followed the low-fat diet consumed fewer calories.

More importantly, the two diets resulted in similar feelings of satiety, hunger and pleasure.

In short, don't go on beating yourself up because others are giving you kelp for silk ribbons if you see that you are facing difficulties. Follow what works for you so that you can be healthy. No diet is magic.

If one, any, particular way of eating doesn't work for you, try another. On the other hand, if you see results and adherence seems easy, you've probably found the right diet without too much trouble for you.

-Suprastratum: The authority on health, fitness and nutrition

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Author: Nick Krontiris

Founder, Suprastratum

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