Health, Fitness and Nutrition Digest, October 2017

Is Insulin Sensitivity Driven by Baseline Intestinal Microbiota Composition?

The intestinal microbiota has been implicated in insulin resistance, in theory at least. The point of this study was to find if the theory was true or not.
Our point of view? Even though the authors conclude that their results confirm the theory, their comparisons were based on within-group conparisons instead of between-group.
Good job, reviewers!

US Congress admits it: USDA recommendations junk…

…while in Belgium the “new” dietary guidelines are the same as the old ones

Oh, so you thought that the PURE study was going to make a difference? And open up the door for millions of lawsuits against dietary associations and MDs? Yeah, sorry but not going to happen. Accept this as the future recommendation for decades to come in spite of now being recognized as the pillar behind all-cause mortality.

Eating whole eggs promotes greater post-exercise muscle protein synthesis than the same protein as egg whites? Nope

Link to study
Our point of view? Maybe, maybe not. While it is a possibility, the study only used 18 grams of each to make the comparison, an amount much lower than the optimal amount to cause MPS and of course whole eggs have more calories than egg whites so they are bound to cause more anabolism.

Resistance training improves cellular health

Perceived physical activity affects mortality

Energy Drink Doses Of Caffeine And Taurine Have A Null Or Negative Effect On Sprint Performance

Impact of Polyphenol Supplementation on Acute and Chronic Response to Resistance Training

This study claims that polyphenol supplementation increases antioxidant capacity and can therefore help with recovery.

Strength Training Can Improve Insulin Resistance, Glucose Metabolism And Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

Strength Training Linked To Reduced Risk Of Metabolic Syndrome

Want To Live Longer? Start Strength Training

…Which Means If You Want To Live Longer You Need To Start Training For Strength

BFR and strength

Adding a Set Of Dynamic Hamstrings Stretching To a Regular Warm-Up Protocol Can Protect Against Muscle Injury In Sports That Require Short Sprints

Animal-Derived Protein Consumption Is Associated with Muscle Mass and Strength

Supplementation With 6g Of Taurine 2hrs Before Exercise Increases Lypolysis

ETMs truly suck

Sarcopenia And Bone Frailty Go Hand-In-Hand

Magnesium Intake Critical For Musculoskeletal Health

Two Separate Studies Claim That Moderate Alcohol Consumption Is Good For You

Shock and Horror Ensues As MDs Yet Again Discover They Were Wrong And Body Adapts To Stressors aka Strength Training Improves Bone Mineral Density

Effects of Rest Interval Duration in Resistance Training on Measures of Muscular Strength

Most Dietitians Are Sick Puppies

Linoleic Acid Has Long-Term Benefits For The Prevention Of Type 2 Diabetes

Physical Activity May Be Good, But Too Much Will Actually Harm You (Especially If You’re White)

Something Is Still Better Than Nothing, Scientists Conclude With Awe

Long-Term Anabolic Steroids Usage Linked With Increased Cardiovascular Risk

Caffeine Ingestion Attenuates Fatigue-induced Loss of Muscle Torque Complexity

Milk Consumption Is Associated With A Lower Metabolic Syndrome Risk

Taurine Supplementation Might Prevent Muscle Damage During Endurance Exercise

Meet The New Anti-Obesity Drug: Nor-Pseudoephedrine

Intermittent Fasting Promotes White Adipose Browning and Decreases Obesity by Shaping the Gut Microbiota

High Dietary Protein Intake Is Good For Your Bones

Long working hours and sedentary behavior at work are associated with a high risk of CHD

Antibiotics Can Alter Gut Flora Causing Obesity

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