Health, Fitness and Nutrition Digest, September 2017

Health, Fitness and Nutrition Digest, September 2017

Saturated fat isn’t bad for you, eating lots of empty carbs is

We begin with the research that made the most waves. The PURE study. We already knew for a while that the connection between a person’s cholesterol levels and their dietary cholesterol intake was rather weak. The PURE study went a step further and completely exonerated all types of fats from overall mortality rates.
Our point of view? Yup, 100% agreed. Make sure you meet your daily protein requirements, get your majority of carbs from fresh fruit and vegetables, don’t overeat and you’ll be healthy.

Cannabis still useless

According to a study, cannabis is still useless for anything. We know it can’t cure cancer unless it’s in a petri dish, it can’t do anything for epilepsy, but at least it can alleviate pain, right? RIGHT?

Nope. According to this study, it can’t do that either, at least as effectively as previously thought.

Our point of view? 100% agreed. While its adverse effects have been wildly exaggerated, it is pretty much useless for any medical applications.

L-Arginine may help with weight loss

According to a study performed by the university of Warwick, L-Arginine can help control appetite.

Our point of view: This study was conducted on mice and it is very doubtful if this applies to humans. Loads of athletes use L-Arginine to increase performance and no changes in satiety have been reported.

BCAAs help stimulate muscle growth after all

BCAAs were considered to have more of an anticatabolic effect than anabolic. This study challenges this view.

Our point of view: Even so, BCAAs were found to have less of an impact (50%) than whey protein alone (which is BCAAs+EAAs). Use your BCAAs as anticatabolics or to increase your BCAA intake along with your meal or favorite protein. BCAAs+EAAs are proven to stimulate MPS every single time.

Monetary Rewards Do Not Offer Performance Benefits

Monetary rewards may be a motivation, but they can’t change the athlete’s overall performance. What was interesting in this study is that the pacing of the athletes was faster, but their performance remained the same, meaning that the motivation made them try harder, making them hit their wall faster.

International Society of Sports Nutrition Position Stand: Nutrient Timing

Starvation Diets Still Don’t Work

Our point of view: Yup. Against what most dietitians will tell you, the answer to getting leaner is not starving.

No difference between linear periodization and DUP when total volume is equal

Muscular Hypertrophy independent of weight training load

Periodized diets have better results

Our point of view: 100% agreed. We’ve actually been utilizing a periodized approach to dieting on our clients for a while now.

A Sucker is Born Every Minute Section

    • There was an antiangiogenesis summit held in Paris in late September. The idea behind antiangiogenesis is that if the creation of new blood vessels is prohibited, then cancer growth can be stopped.
      Caveats? Well, one is that antiangiogenic drugs already exist and have not been found very effective. The other is that these guys promise that if you pay them they’ll provide you with a diet that stops cancer.
    • An increasing number of online articles perpetuates the “YOU EAT STEVIA YOU DIE” myth. Creating sensationalist headlines that accompany vapid, unscientific articles with no evidence to back them up is certainly one way to get an easy paycheck.
      Truth is that the only side effects found so far is that constant, massive and extended overconsumption (that would be equal to approximately 0.54g/kg every day for 60 days) leads to lower testosterone levels in mice.
      I guess a better headline would be “STEVIA: COULDN’T KILL YOU EVEN IF IT TRIED”.

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